Community Meeting feedback

I’ve received some good feedback on the recent community meetings in another thread. I’d like to open this up here for higher visibility.

To paraphrase what I heard in the other thread (feel free to expand/correct):

  1. Webinar format doesn’t show who else is in the meeting and lacks interaction between attendees.
  2. Sessions are not recorded for those who can’t make the live meeting.
  3. There isn’t minutes available for the meeting.
  4. There isn’t a pathway to get items onto the agenda or discuss the agenda ahead of time.
  5. Video isn’t turned on.

I’d like to make these meetings (and by extension the project) a success and I’m open to hearing other feedback. While I can’t promise immediate change/action, I’d like us to work through other issues and solutions together.


(One note on #4 above - you can actually propose a presentation for the meeting via the category)

We’re switching back to normal zoom meetings for the upcoming meeting!