Cant acknowledge alerts; greyed out

Hello All,

I have Kibana OSS v 7.4.2 and have some alerts setup for logging and some of the alerts are giving ERROR as a state in Alerts Dashboard, but it wont allow the admin user to acknowledge it.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is or how to fix?

Any info appreciated!


Is this a bug issue? Alerts are greyed out and cannot acknowledge them in Kibana Alert browser.

Any way to resolve this?

Any help appreciated!




This is as designed, Alerts in ERROR state are not available to be acknowledged.
If you don’t want to receive notification when error occurs in the monitor, you could add && ctx.error == null to the alert trigger conditions. (Kibana Alerting - Randomly Triggering No Data Returned - #11 by dooleyb1)
You could open an issue in GitHub (Issues · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/alerting · GitHub) if you have ideas to change this alert behavior.



Thanks again @ftianli
Let me try this and I get back to you.