Can we disable Transport Layer TLS?

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before issue : Can we disable Transport Layer TLS? · Issue #3921 · opensearch-project/security · GitHub

Hi! I’m a user who really loves opensearch

I have one request.

TLS is optional for the REST layer and mandatory for the transport layer.

Transport layer tls is mandatory with a security plugin

But this can have a performance impact
In a cluster of internally secure situations, we don’t have to use it

Can we use Transport Layer TLS optionally?


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Hi @10000-ki

As per the documentation, It’s mandatory for the transport layer.

A possible solution is to disable the security plugin.

Yes i know

I want to apply TLS only for REST layers

When applying TLS to the transport layer
Due to the hassle of managing certificates and performance penalties
I’m going to apply it only to the REST layer that I really need

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Hi! As it was mentioned in the GitHub issue below,
the transport layer is mandatory by design.

okay i will close this issue