Can I delete .opendistro-ism-managed-index-history-* indexes at some point?

It appears that the ISM indexes (e.g. .opendistro-ism-managed-index-history-2021.03.17-000040) are kept around indefinitely by default. Can I safely delete “old” instances of this index? Can I define an IM policy to have ISM clean-up after itself? Is there a suggested retention period?

Are you on an older version @GSmith? I remember we added some retention logic for the history indices a while back. If you’re on an older version without it, yes it’s fine to delete them and even set an ISM policy on them to delete them after x time (although there is a built in feature to do that as described below).

Take a look at the 5 settings prefixed with opendistro.index_state_management.history towards the bottom.

Yes, I’m using ODFE 1.7.0. Will test to see if that setting works with that version; if not, will set up an ISM policy. Thanks for the quick response.