Bypassing Login Page for Shared iFrame with Multitenancy in OpenSearch 2.6.0

Hello OpenSearch Community,
I’m currently working on setting up OpenSearch 2.6.0 with multitenancy and have successfully created multiple tenants along with their respective roles and users. However, I’m facing an issue when trying to share an iFrame as an HTML file - I’d like to open it directly without encountering the login page.
I have gone through the multitenancy documentation and attempted to enable the anonymous feature, but it still redirects me to the login page. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to bypass the login page and directly access the shared iFrame.
Thanks in advance for your help!

@MelissaL Did you try JWT token authentication?

You can authenticate a user with a JWT token in the URL.


I am more keen to know the multi-tenancy feature you activated? Can you please elaborate?

@pablo I am interested in implementing the anonymous feature in OpenSearch. I can see in the documentation that OpenSearch provides this feature Configuring the Security backend - OpenSearch documentation
I followed the same steps but it didn’t give me the option to login as anonymous. Is this feature working?

Hi @blason, so I went to open search dashboard and from the security option, there are tenants, I created one there

@MelissaL I think you’re missing OpenSearch Dashboards configuration.

Check this post.

@pablo That’s exactly what I did.
So in opensearch-security folder, I modified the anyonymous_auth_enabled to true and I kept everything else as they are.

Then, in the opensearch_dashboards.yml, it included the following:

opensearch_security.auth.anonymous_auth_enabled: true

Then I restarted the 2 services opensearch and opensearch-dashboard. But nothing changed

So am I missing something else?

@MelissaL Could you confirm that this issue relates to Anonymous User - Multiple Authentication - #17 by MelissaL?

Yes @pablo however I am still not able to share iframes