Build with different version number


I would like to use OpenSearch in Zammad. Zammad supports Elasticsearch but that has a higher version number than OpenSearch. When I try to connect with OpenSearch Zammad complains that it doesn’t support version 2.0.0.

In the Zammad forum nobody could help me to solve this problem so I wanted to build OpenSearch with a different version number. How can I do this? Where do I have to enter the version number in the code? I tried a few places but then I got an error:

* Where:
Build file 'PATH_TO_OPENSEARCH/build.gradle' line: 50

* What went wrong:
An exception occured applying plugin request [id: '']
 > Failed to apply plugin ''.
   > Unexpected number of versions in collection

Thanks for coming, @login - I’m afraid that I’m entirely unfamiliar with Zammad, but I’m not sure if this is the right solution to the problem you’re having.

Elastic has made it clear there will be no support for anything outside Elasticsearch and have explicit version checks to ensure elastic specific compatibility.

I suspect whatever client Zammad is using might be specifically for Elastic? The best course of action here might be to file a feature request with Zammad asking them to offer the use of the truly open source OpenSearch. Or, if it’s just a client, perhaps they could adopt the official OpenSearch client libraries so as to offer connectivity to either.

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the question. Are there any other specifics that you can offer?