AWS Security Issues

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I am using the latest version of OS. For security I have used AwsSdk2Transport . Below is the piece of code

return new OpenSearchClient(
                new AwsSdk2Transport(
                        OPEN_SEARCH, Region.US_EAST_1,

I was assuming this will internally uses InstanceProfileCredentialsProvider if there isno environment AWS credentials provided. But its not, I am getting error as “java.lang.Exception: org.opensearch.client.opensearch._types.OpenSearchException: Request failed: [security_exception] authentication/authorization failure”.

How can I user InstanceProfileCredentialsProvider using java for authentication (I am using IAM based authentication, so that refreshin token will be taken care by AWS). Please guide me to proceed further.

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@vmanjunath The OpenSearch can be integrated with AWS Cognito authentication. I’m not aware of such functionality with AWS IAM.