Audit Logging for Opensearch Dashboards?

Is there some ability in Opensearch Dashboards for me to log access events to Dashboards objects, such as Saved Objects, and associate that access event with a username? The ultimate goal is to track which users execute Saved Searches or Visualizations, so I can correlate high-load situations with the actual origin query coming from Dashboards.

I have audit logging enabled in the Opensearch nodes themselves, but that is not providing me Dashboards-level access information. (Who accessed which Saved Object and when…).

It appears this was a feature in Kibana 7.10 Audit logs | Kibana Guide [7.10] | Elastic
…but try as I might, I’ve not been able to find any documented equivalent setting for Opensearch Dashboards.

I’ve eventually answered my own question.
The default is to omit GRANTED_PRIVILEGES from the security-auditlog.
The documentation references a deprecated, non-functional way of changing the list of excluded categories. NONE NONE

^ This DOES NOT work. Is deprecated.

This is now handled via the security plugin configuration, here:

Note you want to change disabled_rest_categories and/or disabled_transport_categories in audit.yml . If you remove GRANTED_PRIVILEGES from the list of disabled categories, you’ll get something akin to full activity logging in your security-auditlog index.