Are there any downsides to using Dev Tools to search?

Suppose I make a Dev Tool Query like this:

GET _search 


   "query": { 

      "terms": { 

  	   "DestinationIP": [ 









Are there any serious downsides in doing so?

You would be searching all the indices. That would be a hit on the cluster.

You don’t need to do this i guess :smiley:

How does this differ from a generic search? How do I view and specify my indices?

Why wouldn’t I need to?

Here is some of the basic api usage Popular APIs - Open Distro Documentation
The generic search you are doing is going to search all indices, so basically if you have 10 indices with 1gb of data each, it is going to search 10gb worth of data, rather than just 1gb of data if you can specify the index you want.

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