Apply URL parameter value in the TSVB panel filter


I’m working on a OpenSearch dashboard that will be build dynamically based on URL that will depend on primary app and secondary app. The idea is to create the dashboard based on filters.

I already know that we can apply filters to the dashboard using the URL.

What i’m trying to achieve is to filter a single panel (TSVB) based on the URL. I tried to create a simple dashboard with a fixed filter with two simple panels, and another TSVB panel with a specific filter and the option to ignore global filter enable.

My question is : is it possible to filter a single TSVB panel based on URL parameters ? If not, is there any workaround i can use to make it work ?

Hey @yogiks

I tried in lab and was unable to get good results. As you know the two TSVB panels with a fixed filter interupted my other panels on the same dashboard. My work around was for each TSVB panels were configured individually and remove the global filter. Only when all panels were trending the same type of data was i able to use global filter when needed but not fixed.

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