Ansible Playbook Opensearch Offiial


Is about this playbook : GitHub - opensearch-project/ansible-playbook: ๐Ÿค– A community repository for Ansible Playbook of OpenSearch Project.

This playbook install role based on inventories.

Exemple : node1 roles=data,master
=> Install one jvm date n one jvm master on node1.

I want adjust some thing :

My node1 is a large physical machine with 128 Go RAM.

So, I would like to be able to deploy more than 1 jvm data if role data is specified.

Exemple A : node1 roles=data(3),master
Be llike that : node1 will contains 1 jvm master n 3 jvm data.

Exemple B : node1 roles=data,master
(by default, if role data specified, i want create 4 jvm data)

Be llike that : node1 will contains 1 jvm master n 3/4 jvm data.
(I could work on an adaptation, if the machine already contains 4 jvm in total, a 5th jvm has not been created)

do you see where I am going with this? Can help me ask this need? I think Exemple A is maybe the most feasible I imagine.



Hi @GnarlyCapricorne thanks for asking the question.

Would you mind creating an issue in the repo as the maintainer / creator of this playbook constantly check issues here: Issues ยท opensearch-project/ansible-playbook ยท GitHub

It also allows us to reference code and record fixes accordingly.


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