Align look and feel of the visualization plugins


I’m using OpenSearch for two use-cases. One is to aggregate and analyze logs. The other is to provide a variety of system reports in form of dashboards. And I need to say it’s a really great platform to do all of this given that we deal with a substantial amounts and variety of data.

The visualization plugins are quite powerful but differ in functionality so I’m using pretty much all of them. For instance in TSVB Table I can use math function but can group only by a single field whereas in the Data Table the math function is not available but I can group results by several Terms.

Therefore some of the dashboards would have a panel made of a Data Table, TSVB Top N, TSVB Table and so on.

Here is the example.

I think that aligning the visualizations might be quite challenging. Would it be possible at least to align the fonts and spacing? There is an overall refurbishing of the UI ongoing these days. Maybe once the general look and feel of the Ux is sorted the visualizations can be aligned as well?