Alerting Mechanism in OD for Kibana

Hello Everyone ,

I am new to this alerting concept in OD for Kibana. My requirement is when the componentstatus field value exists and componentstatus is not online or running . I am able to create this filter in the discover tab successfully . But when i try to create a monitor for this , not able to find this discover tab kind of easy option . It says to define extraction query like below.Can any one please help me on this one please ?

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Saravana S

Hello @Saravana37,

In the Discover you can see your current query in the full-text form inside: Inspect --> Request

Some additional documentation can be found here:

  1. Full-text queries
  2. Full text queries
  3. Example how to create a test alarm - just to see how it works

Hello @stmx38 ,

Thanks for your reply . I will go through the links .

Thanks and Regards
Saravana S