Access the dashboard timepicker values from a script

In Kibana 7.1.1 it was not possible to access the user-selected timepicker values from a script. So if I had a data field that was the time a network was down, I could not calculate the percentage of the time the network was down in the user-selected period.

Is it possible to do that in the current version of Opensearch dashboards?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

I dont think we have added such a feature in OpenSearch Dashboards. If you think this is a good feature to have, can you raise an issue on the github repo? Also adding additional context as to why this is useful and your usecase would be helpful in prioritizing this issue.

It was actually asked for back in 2017 when there was only Elasticsearch

Others chimed in as well. But these issues only stand around for 28 days so once expired no further comments are possible without restarting. The resolution was to ask for such an enhancement but that never happened (I assume).

In any case, my use case is simple to describe. I want to report the percent of time a device had cellular connectivity during a user selected time period. Pretty straight-forward and easy understand.

I agree, can you open an issue on the Dashboards repository directly? Create issue

Done! But I need to enter 20 characters to say that.