About the Maintainers category

This discussion category exists for all maintainers of the OpenSearch Project to discuss various topics related to carrying out the responsibilities of being a maintainer. Procedural maintainer discussions are encouraged to happen here to retain history and an audit trail over the life of the project. Some topics, however, may not be suitable for public posting. The following is a list of tenets to help guide and facilitate the discussions in this category:

  1. Any discussions pertaining to project governance or codified processes should take place on this public category.
  2. Since formal decision making processes have yet to be codified, casual votes on procedural topics shall be carried out here so all project maintainers are kept in the loop with full history retention.
  3. New maintainer nominations and votes shall continue to occur on the private e-mail thread per the existing maintainer responsibilities guidelines.
  4. Code of Conduct and Security concerns shall continue per the existing maintainer responsibilities guidelines.

This is a publicly viewable category.
If you are a maintainer and do not have write/create access to this category, please reach out to @kris @nateynate @dtaivpp to add you to the appropriate security group.