About not getting feilds in opensearch dashboard

I have integrated opensearch with file-bit and here is my integration file :

but in the feild section of opensearch dashboard i am not seeing other feilds than these:

![Screenshot from 2023-11-24 00-28-09|690x387]

I want to filter out namespace and name of containers but i am not getting these in feilds of opensearch dashboard but in logs feild i am only getting namespace and container name.
I want that in specific feild then what changes can I do in file-bit or opensearch

@Nikhil1 Could you reupload the second screenshot?

ya sure @pablo

@Nikhil1 Did you consider using Logstash or Data Prepper to model the ingested data?

@Nikhil1 What’s the name of the filebeat index created in the OpenSearch during the ingest?

@pablo index was created with the name fluent-bit in the opensearch.

@pablo using logstash and data prepper i can’t find any documentation to use with my AWS EKS cluster and fetch data from there.

@Nikhil1 Sorry I’ve misspelled.

You either use Logstash or Data Prepper.
You can find more information about the Data Prepper here and Logstash here.

Logstash and Data Prepper ingest data to OpenSearch as OpenSearch never fetches data.