About adding new disk to data node

Hi Everyone. Currently, I’m using Opendistro for Elasticsearch (ODFE) version 7.10.2

I’m wondering if I add a new disk into the data node and do a rolling restart. Is there any way that I can do balance data in a specific node like Disk 1 is 1Tb ( used 80% ) and disk 2 is completely free, after balance I expected both disks will have used 40% and free 60%.
So I want to ask that is possible or not or your recommend about this case

But I have search about it before. Mostly recommend was:

  • Adding a new node, since my cluster is most used for indexing. Save log for debugging later so I see it is a waste of resource
  • If a disk hits the high watermark then Elasticsearch will relocate one or more of the shards on the fullest data path onto different nodes ( this is the most common thing I have seen when searching )

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Still looking for hope for a way for rebalancing whole data in a node xD

But I’m doing another thing like move data from that node after done move it again with a new disk setup :joy:

For anyone has to google like me. Use API to migrate all shards to another node. Change setting of data path includes new disk mount point.

PUT _cluster/settings
  "transient": {
    "cluster.routing.allocation.exclude._ip": "node_ip_here"

Then set API above to null ( “”) to lets the cluster know that node is ready to handle data.