A certain tenant in a query string


I would like to share a dashboard with people who has a tenant with the ‘CountryList’ name.
My steps

  1. Open kibana
  2. select the ‘CountryList’ tenant
  3. create and save a new dashboard
  4. Click ‘share’ → Embed code → saved object

I get a link

	<iframe src="" 

Another user(who has the CountryList tenant) try to open my link and he can’t see my dashboard while he doesn’t switch his tenant to CountryList.

My question

Can I add a query parameter to a link to change a tenant for the shared dashboard
something like this

	<iframe src="" 

Something similar I’ve found here Kibana Multitenancy | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard (a sgtenant query parameter)


I’ve tried to look at the code of Kibana but found nothing.

Guys any thoughts?

@s.samoilenko sorry for the slow response on this one. Try setting the query parameter ?security_tenant=CountryList in the iframe source.

The Kibana tenant code where it checks for a security_tenant query param is here: security-kibana-plugin/headers.js at master · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/security-kibana-plugin · GitHub


@elifish thank you, it helped

The right line is 67 :slight_smile:

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