5 of 316 shards failed when querying on OpenSearch Dashboard


I’m using OpenSearch to monitor AWS WAF logs. However, whenever I’m making a query, it says that “5 of 316 shards failed”. See the screenshot below for details of the error:

The dashboard shows up successfully without any problem, but it’s kinda uncomfortable to see the persistent pops-up of such error.

Any advice would be highly appreciated. I have no problem with the error, but just wanna make it disappear.

After posting this issue on the reddit forum, I got some useful advice from the community: This is more like an elastic search question than AWS. This might be a multi-index search and the mapping on one or more indexes has a number type instead of a date on the field I’m searching. Another insight is that it looks like it could be that 2/7/2021 index if I am searching an alias or a wildcard index. Check the mapping for the field you are trying to submit a date value for.

Since I did not need the index in question, I opted to delete it: In Dev tools in my OpenSearch (or in Kibana if you’re using it), I entered the following command line:

DELETE /awswaf-2021-07-02

And then click the play icon to the right of the line.

Here is the output:

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