When is spring-data-opensearch expected to be released?

Can someone let me know what is the status of the spring-data-opensearch project? When it is expected to be released? It is not published to maven yet.

Also is there any plan to support spring-boot 2.x.x? Now the README mentions only about 3.0.x.

These are all good questions. A pre-release version of Spring Data is here: Maven Central Repository Search

There have not been any significant changes, and an official release is impending. It may be out in the next couple.

There aren’t any open proposals to support spring-boot 2.x.x. It may be supported already, so please check.

If you need to have it supported, feel free to suggest it as an issue in the repository:

If it’s your cup of tea, feel free to offer a PR with the functionality you’re seeking.

Hi @tuk ,

Regarding Spring Boot 2.x support, please check [1], thank you.

[1] [PROPOSAL] Add support for spring-boot 2.7 · Issue #89 · opensearch-project/spring-data-opensearch · GitHub

@wbeckler Did you mean to say in the next couple of months?

@tuk Trying to get it out as soon as possible: Update version to 1.0.0 (prepare for release) by reta · Pull Request #75 · opensearch-project/spring-data-opensearch · GitHub

Just an FYI for anyone looking here, this was released.