What happens if my SSL certificate is expired?

hi guys,

I just wanted to know that, if my SSL certificates are expired does it effect my elastic search ?

cause my SSL certificates were expired 3 days ago and I am getting an error with elastic search along with the SSL error, but the below error scares me more…

does any one know that, this is due to the certificates are expired or something else ?

@dtaivpp , can you please help me with this… or can you please tag someone who can help me with this …

I am soryy @dtaivpp , I beg a pardon, I shouldn’t have mentioned you in the comment, sorry I forgot the forums etiquette… forgive me.

Hi @rayhan - at first glance It doesn’t look like this is the kind of log message that would be caused by a certificate error. I’m not quite sure how to address it, mostly because it looks like you’re using ElasticSearch with the XPack extensions, with which I have no real intimacy.

That is not related to to cert SSL, you have over 1000 shard per node as the message tells