WARN log in Elasticsearch if refresh interval in Kibana started

hi guys,
In 7.2.1 elasticsearch there is a bug with generating WARN messages in case if refresh interval enabled.
{"log":"[2019-12-04T16:44:53,902][WARN ][o.e.d.s.a.b.h.DateHistogramAggregationBuilder] [odfe-node1] [interval] on [date_histogram] is deprecated, use [fixed_interval] or [calendar_interval] in the future.\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2019-12-04T16:44:53.9022652Z"}

Messages go into log file witch causing on file size. In my case, the log file size was increased up to 8GB in a few hours.

This bug was fixed in 7.4.0 version.
Is there some temporary solution for setup retention for log file?
Thanks in advance.

Apologies for the delay. Please download the latest version of Open Distro for Elasticsearch. In case you are still facing this issue, please raise a Github Issue.