Want to disable authentication for ES and Kibana

Hi Team,

I have downloaded OpenDistro ES and Kibana 1.13.2 and have set up a single node cluster. I want the ES and Kibana to open without authentication i.e. without entering the default admin credentials. I’m pretty new to ELK. Can someone pls let me know where can I disable this option.

Hi @shaimoh

To run the OpenDistro stack without authentication you must uninstall security plugins on both ES and Kibana. Alternatively, disable the security plug-in in ES and remove the security plug-in in Kibana.

In Kibana you need to run following command :

/usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin remove opendistroSecurityKibana

Then remove all security plugin related configuration and restart Kibana

In Elasticsearch

/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove opendistro_security

Then remove all security plugin related configurations and restart Elasticsearch.
Please remember that once ES is restarted, the HTTPS communication won’t work and you need to change to HTTP in the kibana.yml config file.

Additional information can be found under these links.

Hi, Thanks for the reply

I was able to disable the security and now access using http instead of https

Also, Can I later set up the authentication and will all my dashboards be available still ?

Thanks for the help

Hi @shaimoh

You can install the plugin back at any time. All your dashboards will be available.

Thanks very much @pablo