Using copy_to with type geo_point

OpenSearch Version 2.3.0

Using copy_to parameter; copying a field value of type geo_point (in a nested document) to another mapped field of type geo_point at the document root fails. When we remove the referenced field mapping from the root, the copy_to succeeds. The source field is (in fact) of type geo_point and works very well in our geospatial queries.

Exception that occurs:

type: mapper_parsing_exception,
reason: failed to parse field [coordinates] of type [geo_point],
caused by:
type: parse_exception
reason: geo_point expected

@maxfriz Did that ever work for you?

According to ElasticSearch GitHub, copy_to doesn’t support geo_point type object. The following issue was reported for ES 7.4

This is still valid for the latest version of 8.10

OpenSearch is a fork of ES 7.10.2