User only gets mapped to a subset of their roles

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

OpenSearch/OpenSearch Dashboards 2.8.0
Server: RHEL 8
Chrome Browser

Describe the issue:
We have a user who only gets a subset of their roles mapped to them. I.e. they have roles1-8 in our LDAP and only roles 1-4 show up under “view roles and identities”. I have confirmed that the opensearch roles for the LDAP groups 5-8 do exist and it seems that no other user has the same issue. A restart of opensearch and opensearch dashboards had no impact on this issue.
I am stumped on what I could try next, the logs also did not report any issue that I could find. It seems very weird to me that this issue only impacts a single user out of at least 20 and only some roles do not get mapped to this specific user.

Where could I look next or what could I try?

OpenSearch directly fetches the roles and users from our LDAP. A single role in OpenSearch is mapped to a single LDAP group

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hi mgelszinnis,

Could you please share your config.yml and roles_mapping.yml files, also please provide an output of the below:

GET /_plugins/_security/api/securityconfig

curl --insecure -u <ldapuser> https://<OpenSearch_node>:9200/_plugins/_security/authinfo?pretty


The solution was to rerun with our security configuration. After that the issue stopped.