User lost permissions after LDAP connection error


We are currently using OpenDistro 1.0.2 with LDAP authentication, and after an LDAP comunication error, the user lost his privileges on the next logins as the error below:
The only way that i found to restore his privileges was restarting kibana.

Fisrt login error:
[2020-06-15T17:46:36,166][WARN ][c.a.o.s.a.BackendRegistry] [machine] Authentication finally failed for user1 from IP:PORT

Next errors (user1 loses privileges on the next login)
[2020-06-15T17:47:04,886][ERROR][c.a.o.s.a.BackendRegistry] [machine] Cannot retrieve roles for User [name=user1, roles=, requestedTenant=null] from ldap due to ElasticsearchSecurityException[[org.ldaptive.LdapException@1928995427::resultCode=null, matchedDn=null, responseControls=null, referralURLs=null, messageId=-1, message=Unable to connect to any of those ldap servers [machine:port] due to [org.ldaptive.provider.ConnectionException@785886331::resultCode=PROTOCOL_ERROR, matchedDn=null, responseControls=null, referralURLs=null, messageId=-1, message=javax.naming.CommunicationException:

[2020-06-15T17:47:13,513][INFO ][c.a.o.s.p.PrivilegesEvaluator] [machine] No index-level perm match for User [name=user1, roles=, requestedTenant=null]

Do you guys know how to solve this issue? The user1 was able to login even with those privileges errors

Thanks in advance!

@gferrette Did you manage to resolve this issue? Have you tried newer version of odfe? Does the issue still persist?