Use opendistroalertingkibana in different spaces

This plug-in will be displayed in all spaces after installation, but I want to use it in the specified space

Hey @shichw - I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here.

Thank you for your attention,What I want to know is that I installed the opendistroalertingkibana-1.13.0 plug-in in kibana-7.10.2, but it will exist in every space, and I can’t control it through role.

Ah - so you’re wanting to not allow some users to see alerting depending on their role?

Sorry, I’m a novice. I wonder if it can achieve this by setting the permissions of elasticsearch data. Although it will still exist in each space, their contents are different. I want to verify this, but I have encountered new problems. I can’t even use it normally in kibana. I made SSL between elasticsearch and kibana and added authentication. When I use elastic user to create monitor, it will prompt me that the user has no permission.

I think I’m going to move this to the security category since it seems like a permissions issue.

@shichw Are you using the security plugin also? (opendistro_security)

Thank you for your attention. I didn’t use opendistro_ Security, but uses the built-in xpack of elasticsearch. Recently, I have read many previous posts and mentioned that xpack will conflict with opendistro, but I can’t use opendistro_ Security, because this is not what I can decide. I want to know if there is a solution now?

Thank you for helping me !

@shichw Currently it does not appear to be possible to run odfe alerting with xpack security enabled. Further details can be found here

Thank you very much !