Update policy doesn't work


It looks like update policy REST API doesn’t work.
I have an index with a policy named “ingest_policy”. And the policy was updated recently.
But when I tried to update the index via REST I got an error:
{ “error”: “no handler found for uri [/_opendistro/_ism/update_policy/logging-price-2019.11.12?pretty] and method [POST]” }
Here is the query that I ran:
POST _opendistro/_ism/update_policy/logging-price-2019.11.12
{ “policy_id”: “ingest_policy”}
At the same time it works fine via UI
I’m running OpenDistro 1.3

Hi @andrii - please file an issue at Issues · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/index-management · GitHub? Add the error message you get and the query too.