Trouble setting elasticsearch.yml using Helm Chart


I am using the Helm Chart to deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana on my K8s cluster.

However after deployement, I see that my pods elasticsearch.yml config file is the default one. So it has no cluster.initial_master_nodes defined (despite the value being set here) resulting in the nodes unable to reach to each other.

So in order to override the default elasticsearch.yml config file I understand that I have to set the config part of the values.yaml file however I don’t understand how the ${} variables declared inside are supposed to work? Do they somehow link to the environment variables defined at the container level (What is confusing is that the env variable are named with dots and the ones in the values.yml file with an underscore : → ${CLUSTER_NAME}? And also I see that there is no parameter refering to cluster.initial_master_nodes within so how am I supposed to refer to it?

I would be very grateful for any lead on this topic.

In Helm - Open Distro Documentation use different Helm chart

Hello mmamaenko,

It is the Helm Chart that you’ve linked that I’m reffering to in my links. I’m using the same.