TLS Issues with deploying onto K8s with Helm

Hi everyone. I’m using the Helm chart from the opendistro-build repo. (Version 1.13.2) I’ve created a custom container for Elasticsearch which simply copies over the certificates and makes sure they have the right permissions. Data and client nodes are disabled, only 1 replica of a master node is deployed. The certificate is a wildcard one and is converted to the right one to be compatible with Java. Here are the logs of the master node and the values file that I used. Any help is appreciated.

Values file:

Hi @lemagicien Since you are using custom certs, can you paste your configuration of the custom secret for TLS: (redact any sensitive info)

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: elasticsearch-transport-certs
  namespace: desired_namespace
    app: elasticsearch

Are you able to run the odfe locally using those certs?