The msearch request must be terminated by a newline [\n]


I’m doing a Multi-search as per the documentation at

The multi-search query works fine in the Dev Tools dashboard, but when I copy & paste the query into my nodejs app, I get an issue that the msearch has to be terminated by a newline [\n]

I’ve tried to use a litteral string [``] to paste the query dsl into, but I still get the newline [\n] error.

I used os.EOL with no luck (thinking windows is causing the issue)
I used plain \n also with no luck.

The opensearch requests are being sent as a POST with the query in the body. Somehow, at the end of the body it is not recognizing the end of line. I’ve added this end of line everywhere and I still hvae the problem.

I am hoping someone has encounted this before.

Many thanks,

the answer…

I added my ‘end of line’ after I encoded my query:

helpers.textEncoder(_msearch) + os.EOL;

If you add the EOL at the end of the query itself, it doesn’t work.
In my case, I’m sending an https request and writing() the query/body.

Add the EOL after encoding the body/query, worked for me.

Hope this helps!


Glad you were able to get it working @DanielG - and we appreciate you coming back to post the answer, I’m sure others will also find this valuable!

Thanks Kris! I’m trying to find a consultant to help with some of the more challenging queries and to check my work, overall. Can’t seem to find any.

I hope more people will come here to help build this forum with lots of examples.


Hello @DanielG - one that comes to mind is OpenSource Connections. We also have a number of fantastic Partners who offer different services - I’d recommend looking through the Partners page to see who may be able to offer the service you’re looking for.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Kris,

Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for the delay.

We’re mainly interested in finding an expert in OpenSearch to help us out when we get stuck. As a developer myself, I would rather learn and build what I need instead of differing to a 3rd party service. :wink:

I’ve made more progress on my autosearch project. There’s a good description of how I’m doing my queries, here: Creating an Autocomplete Using Docs

Many thanks again for your time!


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