Templating in monitor actions?

Hi all,

I hope you can help. I have a liitle problem:
I created several alerts which nearly delivers the same text but sometimes a few parts of them changes. So I tried to use variables but did not found al solution.
For Example I have a text in the body of the email

[SystemOwner] 2323-office

This cchnges from time to time to
[SystemOwner] xyz

To avoid editing 150 alerts I wanted to put the xyz part into a variable and then work with this variable like (example)

variable_of_xyz = “New-XYZ”
[SystemOwner] {variable_of_xyz}

which then display in the body of the email
[SystemOwner] New-XYZ

Or perhaps I can put the whole text in a kind of include-file and include it within the email text?
So I only have to edit the text from time to time.

Thanks to all,
I hope you understand my description…

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