Support for KafkaConnect in OpenSearch 2.x

Hi Team,

We are in the process of making a decision to migrate to OpenSearch. However, we use KafkaConnect in our pipeline and we did not find any information on the Support/compatibility of KafkaConnect with OpenSearch 2.x. Can you please give some guidance if an openSearch sink connector for Kafka similar to that of KafkaConnect with ElasticSearch is going to be released? Any guidance here will help us to take the decision and move to OpenSearch asap. Please suggest.


Hey, so the only one I have seen so far is this one. I cant really speak to whether it is maintained or currently compatible but should be relatively straightforward to test.

Just sent that and went back to the repo is deprecated. Seems like Aiven is now maintaining a Kafka-OpenSearch connector.

Hey, aiven connector was released recently with support of OS 2.x and we are maintaining it. You are more than welcome to use it.

Thanks @willyb !! Can I know if this was also a fork from kafkaconnect elasticsearch connector and updated to support OpenSearch? It will help us understand if we need to worry about any specific testing(like load testing, failover testing etc…) other than the integration testing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Forgot to mention, @willyb we are an on-premise product. Does aiven connector support on-premise deployments?

Yes yuo can config it. If I got your query right.

It is a fork of this fork