Support for HTTP/2 with OpenSearch version 2.11.1?

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
opensearch-java: 2.8.1
OpenSearch: 2.11.1

Describe the issue:
I see that the support for HTTP/2 will be added in OpenSearch v3: [META] Support for HTTP/2 (client side) · Issue #4257 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub. Is there a workaround to use HTTP/2 with OpenSearch v2.11.1? The opensearch-java version I am using supports Apache HTTP Client 5 Transport, which is on version 5.2. And, it supports HTTP/2. Here’s an example on how I could do that: Apache HttpComponents – Migration to Apache HttpClient 5.x async APIs for HTTP/2 only.
If I modify the Apache HTTP Client 5 when using with OpenSearch 2.11.1, will it be supported or it won’t work because OpenSearch 2.11.1 doesn’t support it? Also, any timeline on when this will be supported? Thank you!

@chintan_patel it is coming in v3.0.0 (see please version tags on [META] Support for HTTP/2 (client side) · Issue #4257 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub)

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and when will version 3 be published?

TBD, see please [PROPOSAL] Finalize 2024 release schedule for OpenSearch · Issue #186 · opensearch-project/.github · GitHub