SSL error for hostname

Hi All,
I am trying to deploy opensearch using helmchart, created the ssl using cert-manager. And we have the istio installed do added the below annotation to bypass the traffic.

podAnnotations: “443,9200,9300” “443,9200,9300”

and added the domani name as node_dn. but still i am getting the below error.

[2023-05-01T18:14:55,151][ERROR][o.o.s.s.h.n.SecuritySSLNettyHttpServerTransport] [opensearch-cluster-master-1] Exception during establishing a SSL connection: Illegal server name, type=host_name(0), name=outbound_.9200_._.opensearch-cluster-master.elasticsearch.svc.cluster.local, value={63682E7376632E636C75737465722E6C6F63616C} Illegal server name, type=host_name(0),

@arun_udaiyar As the error says OpenSearch doesn’t like the host name.