[Solved] Upgrade to 1.2 causing 'unexpected config'

I upgraded from ODFE 1.1 to 1.2 today and now that my ES Cluster is green, I see the following in Kibana:

Unexpected `config.watch("indexPatterns:warnAboutUnsupportedTimePatterns", fn)` call on unrecognized configuration setting "indexPatterns:warnAboutUnsupportedTimePatterns". Setting an initial value via `config.set("indexPatterns:warnAboutUnsupportedTimePatterns", value)` before binding any custom setting configuration watchers for "indexPatterns:warnAboutUnsupportedTimePatterns" may fix this issue.

I have tried deleting all the .kibana* indices to no avail…
Any suggestions on what I could try?

Thank you!

I should also note that the Kibana console says that Kibana is green and all migrations passed.

Whoops. So it turns out Cloudflare which hosts my domain was caching Kibana JS files from before the upgrade. Clearing cloudflare cache solved the issue. Lesson learned!