[SOLVED] Cannot login to kibana after 1.13 upgrade - returns 302 and finally gets to 400

browser returns to same url, finally goes with 400
returns 400
elasticsearch works fine - security plugin works as expected, can authenticate with user/pass with curl
nothing is logged except 400 response, no errors with elasticsearch or anything at all
cluster status green
tried with verbose, reinstalled entire kibana from scratch including removal of all directories, tried to use “admin” user for kibana - nothing works.
according to detailed logs and traces, kibana is accessing /_opendistro/_security/authinfo and 200 OK is returned.

opendistro_security.cookie.secure: false
for some reason it worked before

hey giomac! Did you upgrade both Kibana and Elasticsearch?

yes, but as noted before - didn’t have any issues with previous version, while configuration was incorrect. looks like problem was solved in current version