Snapshot management policies not working

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OpenSearch v 2.6.0

Describe the issue:
Hi to all
I have 3-node wazuh indexer cluster based on OS 2.6.0 and want to set snapshot management policy to take snapshots every 5 hours to external nfs share for example
snapshot management not working and i see next repeating log entry in /var/log/wazuh-indexer/wazuh-cluster.log

[WARN ][o.o.i.s.SMRunner ] [node-1] Cannot acquire lock for snapshot management job test_policy

On screenshot policy has a different name but it doesn’t matter
I’ll add that if i launch snapshot manually it will be created so no issues with NFS access for read/write
Also had tested snapshots management policy with another wazuh dedicated for tests with only 1 wazuh-indexer based on OS 2.6.0 and it work with same NFS storage

Steps to configure snapshot management policy:

  1. Add repo to opensearch.yml on each cluster node
  2. Create repo in UI
  3. Create snapshot policy in UI using cron scheduler (policy screenshot in attach)

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:
[WARN ][o.o.i.s.SMRunner ] [node-1] Cannot acquire lock for snapshot management job test_policy

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