SLO(Single logout) initiated by IDP

Hi Team,

I had integrated opensearch with WSO2 Indentity Server as third party IDP
I am able to achieve SSO(Single Sign ON) using SAML but want to achieve SLO(Single Logout) using SAML.
Can somebody point me out on how to achieve the same

if I am manually firing /auth/logout request from another tab of same browser, its redirecting to login page of opensearch dashboard after clicking to some links from the logged in tab of osd

instead, I want it to return to login page of my application

Please help

@vgoel Did you resolve your issue?
Have you tried to use /_opendistro/_security/saml/logout instead?

Thanks @pablo for your response

Still, that problem is there where if I will fire /auth/logout from another tab, OpenSearch dashboard is logging out, but on the existing tab, if we click any link, it will redirect to OpenSearch login and not my custom application