Should we drop JDK 14 in OpenSearch 2.0?

Feedback requested: Should we drop JDK 14 in OpenSearch 2.0?

I wrote a blog post on using various Java runtimes with OpenSearch: Using Different Java Runtimes with OpenSearch · OpenSearch. This should help everyone make sense of what version of OpenSearch is compatible with what JDK and what the plan for 2.0 is (JDK 17).

There’s one more question: should official support for JDK 14 be dropped from OpenSearch 2.0? Please comment in Drop support for JDK 14 · Issue #132 · opensearch-project/opensearch-plugins · GitHub


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Thanks for all involved in the blog post:) interesting read.

YES, we should most definitely drop it! once we move to the next LTS I don’t see why we should be supporting any of the in-between non-LTS versions.

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Yes, focus on LTS versions (dropping 14) make sense.

I agree, JDK 14 should be dropped.

i agree that LTS JDK releases are the only ones interesting for production. the other versions are at most to play around with them to check out upcoming features (but then you also always use the latest).