Security features discussion on February

Hi @bpavani, could you please verify correct meeting date.

Thanks @ogulman. Corrected the date. The meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

Sorry to post this in a unrelated thread, but I don’t quite see any other option to reach out to you.

I’ve made a post here, to discuss a Kibana Alerting matter. My very first post was marked as Spam and filtered out by Akismet. I’ve received an automated message about it, sent from an account that doesn’t seem to be very active. I’ve tried replying to the message, but nothing. It’s been over 24hrs since my original attempt to post this. I’ve tried posting another topic to get some attention, but it was marked the same way as a spam. I’ve tried flagging the automated message I received, but apparently, I’m “posting too quickly” and I should wait. There’s no clear contact information to get in touch with Moderators or Administators to get some help. On the team site there’s no way to send a direct message to anyone (maybe another limitation for new users). It’s been very frustrating experience so far, upsetting and unwelcoming to a new user. Would it be possible please to get some assistance?