Saved objects kibana API from tenant

I use elasticssearch 7.10.2. with opendistrosecurity 1.13 , so I use several tenants for my application.

I would like to use kibana saved objects API : method find, export and import, from a python script requesting kibana by mean of that API.

Where can I precise concerned opendistro “tenant” for my request API ?

With kibana/search guard it was possible to add “/s/space_name” after host url to request the concerned space.

curl 'https://kbana…/api/saved_objects/_find/?type=dashboard : return only global tenant dashboards
curl 'https://kbana…/s/…/api/saved_objects/_find/?type=dashboard return nothing because spaces are not convenient with opendistro

What is the equivalent for tenant with opendistro ?


Sorry I’ve found : header → securitytenant: xxxxx


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Glad you found your answer, and thanks for sharing it!