SamlConfigException: Could not find entity descriptor , in Docker, using Auth0 as IDP with SAML

I’ve currently have 2 opensearch nodes running along side an opensearch-dashboard node, running in docker containers, and Im trying to set up SP initiated SSO with Auth0 as my IDP, and I keep getting several errors in my docker-compose logs from the dashboards and nodes, and cant seem to find a good solution. As of right now, I have all my certs set up, along with successfully updating the security index using plugins/opensearch-security/tools/, but I keep getting a 500 internal server error on my browser, and I have a few different errors in my compose logs.

opensearch-node1         | Could not find entity descriptor for

For my “entity_id” in the authc section under my saml_auth_domain.idp section, I’ve used several different things from the Auth0 Saml2 addon in my Auth0 application, none of which seem to produce any other results than this. Ive used the specified, that is provided on their front end UI in the addon/saml2/usage section.