Root cause analysis using Open Distro 7.10.2

Hi, i want to do a root cause analysis for failed request of a test system. I have already store the logs data to open Distro Elasticsearch
My logs data looks like (this is a small chunk out of 1000 logs giving some meaningful info)

20220804 14:57:22.640 - INFO - User landed on the campaign page Sleep | 20s ]
20220804 14:57:22.644 - INFO - Campaign created
20220804 14:57:22.647 - INFO - Waiting for the response
20220804 14:57:42.667 - ERROR - TimeoutError: Not all expected api’s appeared

above data in Elasticsearch is stored as

timestamp level message

Now i want to create a GUI which shows me the root cause/anomaly error with a custom message that for example API ERROR

How can i achieve this please? any direction, help would be appreciated

Hi @zebish.

I’ll see if I can find someone to help with the problem at hand, but I wanted to drop in and mention this:

There might not be a better time to migrate to OpenSearch.