ResourceAlreadyExistsException already exist

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OS: linux
Distribution opensearch number: 2.3.0
Plugins version:

Describe the issue:
I have two clusters, and ccr is configured on them
If replication fails (an external factor is the loss of communication between clusters)
When I restart replication, I get an error

[2024-01-19T10:14:21,457][ERROR][o.o.r.a.i.TransportReplicateIndexClusterManagerNodeAction] [node-01] Failed to trigger replication for index-test01 - ResourceAlreadyExistsException[task with id {replication:index:index-test01} already exist]

But this index is no longer there, so I stopped replication and deleted the failed index. This error always occurs. Maybe you know how to get around this error??..

Installing on VM’s