Redirect post call from kibana backend to another server using Hapi/h2o2 proxy handler in kibana plugin development

I have created a kibana plugin which as some forms in frontend to accept user inputs and backend I have a node server running on port 3000.

the post calls from kibana I want to redirect it to node server on port 3000.
Kibana plugin has Hapi h2o2 module which can be use for proxy handling, but I am not getting how to use it.

kibana source has interface “BasePathProxyServerOptions” for proxy handler in path

I am new to nodejs, I am not sure how I will able to use this interface in my routes.
my post call in file /kibana/plugins/test_plugin/server/routes/index.ts:

import { IRouter } from ‘…/…/…/…/src/core/server’;
import { schema } from ‘@kbn/config-schema’;
import * as hapi from ‘@hapi/h2o2’
path: ‘/api/ars_assistant/setIdentifier’,
host: ‘node_server’,
port: ‘3000’,
protocol: ‘http’,
uri: ‘http://node_server:3000/v1.0/setIdentifier’,
body: schema.object({
name: schema.string(),
async(context, request, response) => {
return response.ok({
body: {
message: Received Identifier:${}
can anybody help to use proxy handler in routes. My call is not getting redirected with the above code i have written.