Receive different alerts for different hosts

I have read several threads in this forum but I have still this question: imagine I have a monitor for disk space and a trigger that detect when is less than 10%
Now server1 at 6.00 am triggers that alarm and I receive a notification
Then server2 at 6.05 am triggers again the alarm: do I receive a notification?

It is very important to receive separate alarms for different servers: is it doable?


I agree this is very very very important and i have posted a similar topic though it was more focused on the message format but at the end one should know the hosts in critical state.

Please see the topic i posted and add your comment to get more traction:

Not sure if you have infrastructure in place to test this with multiple hosts.
But you may want to check out the topic for getting more control on the message body

Also this may interest you