Query to retrieve part of a long text field

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering whether it is possible for a query to return a subset of a text field. I have a query that returns documents of interest based on a combination of filter terms and match phrases, see below. I’m wondering if it is possible to do some kind of regular expression type operation in opensearch to return a subset of doc_text - in this case it would be between “home address” and the end of line. Obviously it is possible to do that in python after retrieving the document, but it would be nice to not send the entire text document.


query = {
“query” : {
“bool”: {
“filter”: {
“terms”: {“person_id”: pt_list}
“must”: [
{“match_phrase”: {
“doc_text” : “home address”
“fields” : [“doc_id”, “doc_text”],
“_source”: False

Search pipeline can resolve your issue, but I checked the document and found it doesn’t support script or grok processor which can extract part of the text field, could you create a Github issue for your requirement?