Queries regarding sql-jdbc


I am starting to use the opendistro-sql-jdbc support. Need few clarifications on the same.

  1. Are joins on indices similar to sql possible with this library. I have tried few join queries, it works for few queries but i didnt find it working for aggregate functions like count, max, min etc. It gives the below error

“error”: {
“reason”: “There was internal problem at backend”,
“details”: “When using multiple indices, the mappings must be identical.”,
“type”: “VerificationException”
“status”: 503

  1. I have seen that the join query returns max of 200 results only. How do I get all the results?

Please help me with the same. Thanks in advance.

  1. Right now we don’t support JOIN with GROUP BY. Can you share the query and Opendistro SQL plugin version that generated that error?

  2. Use can use LIMIT clause to customize the number of results you need. For non-join queries currently there is a hard limit of 10000 rows (limited by Elasticsearch).