Programmatically download scheduled reports

once a scheduled report definition is created, is there a way to download the generated reports programmatically? (e.g. via GET request etc.)


So, Dashboards itself uses /api/reporting/reports to get that data.

You can, in theory, call OpenSearch Dashboards API endpoints using curl, but I’ve never really had much success getting auth right from curl (although it’s only be a bit of tinkering on my part, nothing serious). @reporting-team, care to chime in?

See code:
(API_PREFIX = /api/reporting):

Thanks, do you have an example of how I can use this API to download a specific report (e.g. a PDF)?

Do Opendistro has documentation for how to use reporting API’s.
The API’s are for internal kibana usage right?, will we able to access it from outside?

I also have a requirement to send a reports as a attachment via mail or webhoook.
As notification plugin is not yet released, how can we use reporting API’s to implement some code snippet do generate reports?

The Reporting APIs aren’t public, so they can change at any moment. Can you do a report trigger (cron, etc.)?